MerchantsSolutionsAccept currencies and cryptocurrencies Exchange Request a loanLoansClient profileRisk ManagementInvestTransaction MarketExchange currencies, and cryptocurrenciesWorldwide24/7POS and crypto gateways for SMBs allow intermediaries to profit from transaction fees and earn a favorable reputation. At the same time, the merchant uses the transaction market to swap their balance to any other currency or cryptocurrency.Reputation-based system for secure cryptocurrency lending to business and individual users. Merchant and market dealer can request loans, or simply put their money to work. Our algorithm plays a key role to allow borrowers and lender to meet each other at their best interest. %LoansPoint of SaleGlobal transactions for currencies and cryptocurrencies through trusted intermediaries, and reputation-based dealers. Transaction market opens endless possibilities to a new remittances scheme and value transfer mechanism. TransactionsTransfer value, accept payments or request a loan, anywhere. Dexbanca is a platform to make it possible, an old concept with new means.